Óshlið: River Mouth \\ Slope

Jon is currently collaborating with writer and filmmaker Sarah Thomas on a documentary filmed in a rural community in the Westfjords of Iceland. 


This film takes us on a journey along Óshlið, an abandoned coastal road which is considered to be one of the most dangerous, and beautiful, in Iceland. Following the construction of a mountain tunnel in 2010, the road was closed and is now in the process of being rapidly reclaimed by both the mountain and the sea. The film delves into the stories of this road and its relationships with the people who maintained, traveled and died upon Óshlið. Through these voices it reflects upon a post-human landscape and the nature of mortality.

The title reflects the topographical and compound nature of this film. Óshlið is an Icelandic word comprised of ós (river mouth) and hlið (slope). Óshlið is both the name of the road, and the place - from which it came and to which it will return.

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The Thousand Mile Dress

A short film made in collaboration with costume maker Katie Duxbury. Over the last year, Katie has created and walked one thousand miles around the UK in an extraordinary dress, subjecting it to weathering from real dirt, real miles and real time. The film follows the journeys, stories and paths of The Thousand Mile Dress.

Jon is currently editing the film and aiming to begin submitting to film festivals in Autumn 2017.

Trailer image by Rebecca Richards

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