Jon is commited to seeing and making socially engaged theatre that works with (sometimes marginal) participants to explore and consistently question our ways of being in the world. As a freelance arts practitioner, Jon seeks to make work that is more ecologically purposeful and that aims to navigate and reimagine visions of the future in relation to climate change.



Jon is the director of Alternative Outcomes, a theatre group born of a partnership between the Dukes Theatre and Lancaster and District Homeless Action Service. The company adapt and create theatre productions that are informed by experiences of homelessness.


 Jon has been involved in the project since summer 2014 as a director, workshop facilitator and documentary filmmaker and has worked with the group to stage three productions to date, including Ebenezer Dealer, an award-winning adaptation of A Christmas Carol, performed on the Dukes Main Stage in December 2014. This was followed the next summer by Twisted in Williamson Park to coincide with the nationally renowned Dukes Park Show and Cinderfella in the Dukes Round in December 2015.


Alternative Outcomes meet weekly to provide an inclusive and safe environment for self-expression for some of the most vulnerable people in society. The company's current project addresses how the absence of electricity during the recent floods in Cumbria and Lancashire impacted upon their day to day existence, and acted as a leveller for those of us who take access to electric power and shelter for granted.

Images of Alternative Outcomes performing at the Dukes Theatre, December 2015
by Darren Andrews
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