Jon strives to tell the stories of individuals, organisations and creative journeys with a clear, concise and compelling visual approach. Working with a range of clients, from creating artist profiles to company portraits or documenting the journey of a specific project on an extended timescale, Jon responds to a bespoke brief by producing the distilled essence of the subject in filmic form.


In an intensely image-driven culture, film has an important role to play in engaging new and existing audiences via social media and other digital channels. However, Jon believes that the brevity of a film need not negate its capacity to tell a good story.


Jon's eye and ear for detail, coupled with a dynamically economic editing style inform his goal to produce engaging films for his clients which capture their ways in the world with a sense of integrity, warmth and authenticity.

 ‘When I first saw Jon’s work, I instantly recognised his superb talent to deliver a unique narrative with film. I understood later that his unique cinematic talent derived from his academic background reading literature and theatre. I was so convinced by it that I commissioned him to create my artist profile short film. The work never betrayed my confidence! I hope to collaborate again with him in the near future.’


- Hideyuki Sobue, Artist

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