'Having only dabbled in the odd few lines of poetry, I was unsure how I’d get on collaborating with others to come up with a poem - a substantial 21 verse one one at that!


But guided by a gifted renga leader, Jon clearly introduced us to Renga and nurtured our offerings, I was surprised how enjoyable creative writing can be. And it was the collaboration and the camaraderie engendered that was a big part of the fun. We made good use of the woodland setting at this seasonal turning point, to draw on for our word images. And sitting together in the yurt with the warmth and scents of tea and wood burner our senses were enlivened to the elemental world that we are so often to busy to experience.'


— Jim McGuigan, Renga Participant

Jon also strives to incorporate the written and spoken word into his practice wherever possible, using forms of collaborative creative writing to

encourage self-expression among participants. Recently, Jon has begun to facilitate renga - an ancient Japanese poetic form which invites collaborative composition of a series of linked verses which celebrate the natural world and human relationships. The form is a wonderfully inclusive, participatory and communal way of using creative writing as a tool for exploring the present moment.

Jon is running a series of renga days throughout 2017 as part of Reading's Festival of the Dark with Outrider Anthems.

'Renga goes beyond poetry: it is the art of communalism' - Alex Finlay

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